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Berikut adalah contoh daftar akronim dari istilah2 dibidang komputer, untuk catatan yang lebih lengkap silahkan unduh pada tautan diakhir tulisan.

[ 3 ]



3D 3rd Dimension
3D three Dimensional
3PC 3rd Party Connect protocol


[ A ]



A3D Aureal 3D
AA Auto Answer (modem)
AAM Automatic Acoustic Management
AAMQR Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording
ABIOS Advanced Basic Input Output System
ABS Anti-Block System
AC Alternating Current
AC’97 Audio Codec ’97
ACD Automatic Call Distribution
ACE Audio Card Enhancer
ACI Automatic Channel Installation
ACIS Alan-Chris-Ian-Spatial
ACK ACKnowledged
ACL Access Control List
ACM Association for Computing Machinery
ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACT Arithmetic, Control and Timing
ACTS Automated Coin Toll System
ADO ActiveX Data Object
ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADSI Active Directory Service Interfaces
ADSL Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
AEA American Electronics Association
AEC Availability Environment Classification
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
AEX Audio Environmental eXtension
AF AutoFocus
AFC Automatic Frequency Control
AFIS Automated Fingerprint Identification System
AFTD American Foreing Trade Definitions
AGM Alternate Graphics Mode
AGP Advanced (Accelerated) Graphics Port
AGRAS Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflection, Anti-Static
AGTL Assisted Gunning Transceiver Logic
AH Authentication Header
AIAF Artificial Intelligence Auto Focus
AICT Association Internationale des Critiques de Théatre
AIMM AGP Inline Memory Module
AIN Advanced Intelligent Network
AIT Advanced Intelligent Tape
AITA Association Internationale du Théatre Amateur
ALI Acer Labs Inc.
ALGOL ALGOrithmic Language
ALU Aritmetic-Logical Unit
AM Amplitude Modulation
AMA Automatic Message Accounting
AMBA Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture
AMC ATI Multimedia Channel
AMD Advanced Micro Devices
AMD Autodesk Mechanical Desktop
AMDC Advanced Monitor Deflection Control
AMI Access Method Inc.
AMI Alternative Mask Inversion
AMI American Megatrends Inc.
AML ACPI Machine Language
AMR Anisotropic MagnetoResistive
AMR Audio/Modem Riser
ANAC Automated Number Announcement Circuit
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AOC Admiral Overseas Corporation
AOL America On-Line
AOS Algebraic Operating System
AP Access Point
APC American Power Conversion
APCUG Association of PC User Groups
APA All Pixel Address
API Application Programming Interface
APIC Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
APM Advanced Power Management
APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling
ARCNet Attached Resource Computer Network
ARLL Advanced Run Length Limited
ARNS A Remote Network Server system
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork
ART Advanced Resolution Technology
ASA American Standards Association
ASAP Accelerated Service Advertising Protocol
ASB Advanced System Bus
ASC Auto Size & Center
ASCC Automatic Sequence-Controlled Calculator
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuits
ASK Amplitude Shift Keying
ASL ACPI Source Language
ASM ASseMbly language
ASP Active Server Pages
ASP Application Service Providing
ASPI Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
AT Advanced Technology
AT-RMP AppleTalk Routing Maintenance Protocol
AT-NBP AppleTalk Name Binding Protocol
AT-ZIS AppleTalk Zone Information System
ATA AT Attachment
ATAPI AT Attachment Packet Interface
ATDP ATention Dial Pulse
ATDT ATention Dial Tone
ATF Automatic Track Following
ATIP Absolute Time In Pregroove
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM Adobe Type Manager
ATVEF Advanced TV Enhancement Forum
AUI Adapter Unit Interface
AURP Appletalk Update-based Routing Protocol
AVI Audio Video Interleave
AVL Automatic Volume Leveler
AWADVS Alias/Wavefront ADvanced ViSualizer
AWG American Wire Gauge
AXP Animated stand-in object eXternal Process


Untuk daftar dari abjad B sampai dengan Z bisa di unduh disini


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